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Daniel Noguera · Cincinnati, Ohio

Born in Caracas in 1977 from a second-generation Italian immigrant family, Daniel Noguera grew up in the coffee-rich country of Venezuela. He moved to Cincinnati in 2001 for a textbook-publishing career and left the industry 13 years later, in 2014 after deciding to search for something more personally fulfilling. In 2013 Noguera founded Urbana Café as a weekend project, combining two unique items, a utility motorcycle and a Naples style espresso machine. By the fall of 2014 Noguera decided to quit his publishing job to solely focus on Urbana Café, which had grown from a weekend project to mobile and coffee roasting business. Urbana Café now operates storefronts in Pendleton, East Walnut Hills, The Scripps Center, and Findlay Marker, as well as two mobile espresso bars. The company operates under the philosophy of “coffee with a purpose” which translate to an involvement and support of local dog rescue organizations. Daniel Noguera, on the other hand, lives downtown Cincinnati with his dogs, Frida, aka, Frilomena, and Lola, aka, Lolita long legs .

2009 Genuine Stella

149.56cc (57.8mm x 57mm)
Handicap: 103.52%

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